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I am a professional mandarin teacher, currently teaching in Singapore as well as online.

I started teaching Mandarin Chinese in Yangshuo (Guilin), China in 2007. In 2009, I took a break to study "Teaching Mandarin as a second language" (1 year programme for teachers) in Beijing Culture and Language University (BLCU). After that I continued to teach in Yangshuo until 2014. Since 2015, I have lived in Hong Kong and continue teaching Mandarin there. Since July 2019, I have moved to Singapore.


I focus mainly on Practical Mandarin for daily topics as well as Business topics. Learners’ personality traits and varied needs are considered when creating a personalized lesson plan. I do not follow textbooks blindly, rather chose books that fit or complement the student's needs. I also design customized study materials for the students who don’t want to follow any textbook or whose needs or level make new meaningful material the best choice. I'm open-minded about using online resources and language games or apps to help students review lessons and practice their skills in a fun and efficient way.

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