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practical mandarin

One of the two possible Practical Mandarin courses focuses on effective communication. It is designed for students who are interested in Chinese language and Chinese culture, and students who need to learn basic communication for traveling in Chinese speaking places. The customized teaching materials design by the student and the teacher together. It's fully student-centered for each unique student.


The second Practical Mandarin course focuses on Mandarin exams. It could help you prepare for HSK exams. You can also choose to learn specific skills that you need to improve, or to learn comprehensive Mandarin by following HSK levels.

business mandarin

This course is based on learning common Chinese business expressions and conversations. You will also learn to understand Chinese culture and Chinese business etiquette to help you communicate and negotiate professionally in the largest market in the world.


The course is designed for younger children and teenage students who need tutoring in Chinese language.

I can help with homework, preparing for exams, or overcoming specific language difficulties. 

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