June 12, 2017

A English sentence + Chinese logic = Chinglish !

Behind these Chinglish words and phrases is the Chinese logic and Chinese culture.  help people from other countries to understand the Chinese way of thinking.


Here are examples:

1.  No money no talk : Méi qián miǎn tán ! 没钱免谈!

Free translation: Without money, any talk is spared


2. Good good study, day day up : Hǎohǎo xuéxí, tiāntiān xiàngshàng! 好好学习,天天向上!

Free translation: Study hard and make progress every day.


3. Long time no see : Hǎojiǔ bújiàn! 好久不见!


4. People mountain people sea: Rénshān rénhǎi ! 人山人海 !




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