It worked successfully

July 7, 2017


In English,  it’s quite common to say “It worked well.”.

In mandarin, There are many situations for “It worked well.”


For example:

1. It worked well without any disturbing. In mandarin, we should say : It worked smoothly.

2. It worked well and archived your goal. In mandarin, we should say: It worked successfully.

3. When you thought it was broken, but actually it worked well with the broken part. In mandarin, we should say: It’s still useful.


Here is a mistake of a student.












He wrote: This is the first time I did shopping online. It worked very well.

“Zhè shì wǒ dì yī cì zài wǎngshang mǎi dōngxi 这是我第一次在网上买东西. Hěn hǎo 很好.”


In mandarin, we should be: It worked smoothly “Hěn shùnlì 很顺利.“.Instead of : It’s good.”Hěn hǎo 很好.”

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